Japanese Matcha is made from high quality first year green tea season harvest ,leafs is cultivated with sunshade cover in order to prevent exposure to direct sunlight,the tea leaves keep rich amino acids,enhance the flavor of green tea.
Japanese Matcha stimulating and invigorating, but at the same time the tea also has a calming character as same as matcha,The taste of Matcha is pleasant, mild, at the same time intensive and highly aromatic ,is espresso among teas.

Grade of green tea is divided by color and flavor. With noble aroma, beautiful dark green and deep flavor. 

Drinking Matcha tea as powder is to ingest all of its nutrients 

Please use it as an orthodox Japanese style of drinking.

Japanese Matcha

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  • Ingredients: collagen extract (derived from marine products), genmai, glucosamine, gelatin, vitamin C, dextrin ( a benign starch that facilitates powder solubility), guar gum (as a stabilizer), peptide, calcium (derived from crab and shrimp shell),

    Catechin: Removing free radicals Reducing cholesterol ,Most potent cancer-fighting properties,Reduce fat)

    β-carotene; Maintaining night vision.
    Saponin; Hypotensive effect, Anti-fluctuation
    Minerals and Vitamins; Alkalizes the blood, regulates the heartbeat, and build strong teeth and bone
    Chlorophyll;Remove heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body
    ORAC; Antioxidant
    Theanine; increases dopamine levels.

    Type: Matcha Saemidori (Sencha) Powder tea.
    Net Weight : 80g/0.08kg
    Product Name: Matcha
    Storage Conditions: Store in airtight-in a cool places, dry place away from sunlight.
    Shelf Life:1- 2 years with proper care

    Instructions: Add approximately one gram of powder to 100ml of water and stir. A measuring spoon is included.(Matcha Powder green tea can drink in different ways,Can drink with milk,honey and any other delicious ingredient,Can use for making many kinds of sweets,cake,bread,biscuits etc)

    Please Note:Powder tea dissolves immediately in hot or cold water with very little stirring. If not consumed right away, some of the powder will settle to the bottom of  your cup, simply stir again if desired.


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